Noah Gary

Application Developer

Louisville, Kentucky, USA


(270) 999-3818


  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • Python
  • JS
  • Linux System Administration
  • Unit Testing
  • Java
  • Elastic Search
  • Unit Testing
  • MySQL

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer / HANDLE
Sept 2018 - Present

  • Utilized the Laravel Framework to route requests, Access Data, and display webpages in the Model View Controller architectural pattern.
  • Developed Vue JS components and made use of its directives to create dynamic and data driven web pages
  • Used Amazon Web Services with s3 storage containers to upload and retrieve files using the Laravel Storage Facade
  • Utilized Git version control to fix bugs and develop features for the site in conjunction with JIRA and BitBucket to track and resolve issues
  • Developed Unit Tests for the platform
  • Used elastic search to modify how our site shows relevant products

Application Developer / Engineering-Manufacturing-Commercialization Center (EMCC)
June 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Maintained constant communication with clients throughout the development process
  • Utilized a lattePanda Single Board Computer as an HTTP server
  • Created documentation for software I developed
  • Built HTTP Requests in PHP to send data in JSON back to a server to be stored in a database
  • Developed a system to track the location of hazardous waste in geographic areas

Android Developer / Applied Physics Institute (API)
June 2016 - June 2017

  • Implemented MQTT into an Android Application and set up an MQTT server
  • Worked with graphic designers to develop an android Application
  • Worked with an Arduino One and a Raspberry Pi to create a RFID access control method to the building
  • Set up a Raspberry Pi as a wireless router and server
  • Make POST requests in C++ from an Arduino One to a web server on a Raspberry Pi
  • Implemented a login system using a database and hashing algorithms in the PHP programming language

Application Developer / Kentucky Mesonet (kymesonet.org)
Mar 2012 - Dec 2014

  • Worked with languages such as: PHP, Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS, Julia, C, and Bash
  • Familiarized myself with JSON as well as XML
  • Familiarized myself with the crontab, installing, updating and upgrading new software from the Linux command line.
  • Utilized git version control
  • Managed an Apache2 web server as well as exploring other possible web servers such as: NGINX, and the python SimpleHTTPServer
  • Actively involved with improving on the design of the page
  • Utilized in house responsive design code
  • Worked with a team to create a widescreen interactive map that shows heat maps of kentucky using different data points such as rainfall, Solar Radiation, and wind speed
  • Optimized the site for mobile
  • Legacy site
  • New Site


Western Kentucky University
2012 - 2017

B.S. in Computer Science - Systems and Scientific Applications

Butler County High School
2008 - 2012

High School Diploma


White Squirrel Weather (WKU Weather)

A real time weather network monitoring system that tracks weather conditons on and around Western Kentucky University's campus